pátek 12. května 2017

My English

I'm sorry for my English. My English isn't very good. I learn and improve my English. But forgein language must still practices because I want to write your blog in English. I improve my English and one website where I write and meet people from all world. I will like if we will respect my mistakes. I will try to be better and better in my English.

Mountains call Hrubý Jeseník

Mountains call Hrubý Jeseník lies north Moravia in the Czech Republic. It lies near Polish border. Top hill is Praděd where transmitter stands. Its name is similar as hill. Top hill measures 1491 m. These mountains are nearby my hometown where I live.
This is website where we search next info about these mountains http://www.jeseniky.net/

Trip to the water tank in mountains call Hrubý Jeseník